Brunch on the beach

Waikiki used to host Brunch on the Beach each month. A while back, they downgraded it to a quarterly event and today was the first time this year that it has happened. Chefs from all over Waikiki come out and cook some of their best foods. The prices are very reasonable (considering the fact that it's Waikiki) and I had heard that the food was delicious.

So we trekked down and struggled to find a place to park and then walked down to Kalakaua Avenue for some brunch. Given the fact that it was past noon by the time we made it there, it was more like lunch but that didn't stop us from having breakfast. Works for me!

The first booth we stopped at was Tiki's Grill and Bar. The guy behind the table offered Belgian Waffles with banana butter, sugared strawberries, and whipped cream and that was all Princess Trouble needed to hear. She was so fired up about going to the "breakfast beach" when we told her about it last night that she stripped off her jammies, put her regular clothes and shoes back on and headed for the door...at 9p.m. Took us a bit to get her to understand that the "breakfast beach" wouldn't be open until the morning. So by the time we got there, she was raring to go.

We found a shady spot under a tree by some hibiscus plants and plopped ourselves down. McGyver, seeing that there wasn't going to be enough for anyone else, headed off in search of more food. Didn't take him long.

Two booths down was the Renaissance Ilikai Waikiki and they had a "Breakfast Plate" that included "crispy mango cream cheese stuffed french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, and steamed rice". YUM. We plowed through our food and then went back for seconds - of both. It was delicious!

I'm not sure when they plan to do the next one but you can bet we'll be there. The food was wonderful, the setting was terrific (the weather was divine - warm but with a nice breeze), the prices very reasonable (the waffles were $4.00 and the breakfast plate was $6.00). Plus you're right on the beach in Waikiki so there is plenty to do after you're done eating, not to mention the fact that you can people-watch to your heart's content (and boy, let me TELL you...there was PLENTY to be seen...WHO lets these people out of their houses looking like that?!?).

Next time we go, we will go early. We will take advantage of the parking specials that are there (we didn't map out where they were this time). We will pack our own drinks (I REFUSE to pay $1.50 for a bottle of water. We will also bring towels and/or chairs and swimsuits (the beach is RIGHT there). And not only will we plan on eating breakfast there, we will stay and eat lunch there too (the grilled steak with morel cream sauce or the coconut-macadamia nut chicken with honey, pineapple, and mustard sauce both sound delicious!).

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