Can I get some cheese?

To go with the WHINE that we've had all day here??? Good GRIEF!

Princess Trouble must have woken up on the wrong side of the hotel bed this morning because she was super whiny and super snotty (she lost the priviledge of watching her newly bought Bambi DVD because she was snotty to McGyver) all day long.

Little Man was running a low grade fever and was snotty (not sure if it's from his vaccinations earlier this week or because he's teething) and pretty much wandered around the hotel room all day long yelling/screaming/whining.

McGyver was working until 6:30 am (the plane that was due in at 6:30 am was turned around less than 2 hours out...grr...those poor spouses...) and didn't get much sleep so he was less than his usual easy-going self.

Add to that the fact that it's STILL raining here, windy as heck, and COLD (well, by Hawaii standards...) and therefore we are pretty much cooped up in the hotel rooms and life just gets FUN.

SO I'd like to order a nice hunk of cheese to go with all of the WHINE we've had around here today. TOmorrow is another day but for now, my accounting homework is yelling my name...so I'm off to tackle Statement of Cash Flows. Joy.

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