The Fish Bowl

That's the nickname/metaphor I came up with while lying in bed last night, waiting to fall asleep. This hotel/temporary lodging facility is a fish bowl.

There are some fish, like our neighbors, who have been here a while and are merely waiting to go to their new home - like fish who are waiting for their new owners to scoop them up, put them in a plastic bag with some water, and carry them off to their new tank. Our neighbors move into their new house tomorrow. Lucky bastards.

Then there are the fish like us. We swim around near the surface, waiting for feeding time. For us, feeding time is the Sunday paper at the end of the month or the beginning of the month, depending on how it falls. That's when the landlords, real estate agents, and property managers list the properties that will be coming available during the next month. Tenants give their 30-day notice toward the end of the month as they are paying next months' rent. Then the "For Rent" ads go out. Sundays when those ads first come out are like feeding times in a fish tank - lots of rushing around, commotion, trying to snatch the biggest piece of food (or, in our case, the best rental value).

Aside from that excitement, life in the fish bowl is pretty mundane. Same here.

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Rhianna said...

What are you looking for housewise? I'll check the internet sites I've got bookmared if you'd like an extra pair of eyeballs onboard. :)


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