Happy Easter, Happy Birthday

First, I meant to post yesterday but I never made it back to the 'puter. I wanted to wish my dad a happy birthday. I miss you and I love you!

Second, I want to wish everyone a happy Easter! We didn't make it to the sunrise service at the Punchbowl (though I was awake...) but the kids had a good morning. We're headed to a friend's house for lunch and an Easter egg hunt.

Good news on one front - McGyver has found a car. Not *quite* what he was looking for but it runs, it didn't cost much, and it fits all of us. We had a bit of a difference of opinion on whether he should get a little 2-seater pickup. He wants one. I don't think that having a 2-seater car as our second (read : backup) vehicle, given that we are a family of FOUR, was such a good idea. He seems to think differently. He says that, if my car breaks down, he will be spending his time working on it and not going anywhere. That's fine but with a 2-seater car as our backup, *I* won't be going anywhere either since I can't fit me AND the kids in the car together. We still aren't seeing eye-to-eye on this one but it's moot for the moment.

Now we just need to find a HOUSE. Nothing new in the Sunday paper or on the websites. Hopefully next weekend...

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