Homeless a little longer

Looks like we're going to be in temp lodging a bit longer than we originally planned. Surprisingly, that doesn't really bother me that much. The owner of the house we are renting asked if we would mind waiting 2 more weeks to move in. Works for me. Every day we stay here is money in the bank. Not that I'm thrilled about being cooped up in 2 rooms for another 5 weeks but the additional $2,000 or so really helps to mitigate that fact.

We met with the owner tonight to do a walk through on the house and decide what furniture to have her leave in the house and what we didn't want to keep. WE've gone from "How are we going to furnish a 4 bedroom house?" to "Where the hell are we going to PUT everything??". I think it will work out but there are a few issues still to work out. I'm pretty sure she's hoping to avoid renting a storage unit and I just don't see that as feasible. She has personal items, knick knacks, dishes, and some furniture that we don't need (trust me...we have PLENTY of our own STUFF...). I think she's going to need a storage unit. But that's her deal, not ours.

The kitchen isn't very big but it's well-laid out. The master bedroom (downstairs) isn't as big as you would find on the Mainland but it will be plenty big for the kids. Add to that the fact that it has its own bathroom and it's going to be perfect for the kids. The other two bedrooms downstairs are small but will work for a guest room and an office.

We're making the upstairs a "sanctuary/kid-free zone". Upstairs is the loft and a 4th bedroom. Not as big as the master bedroom downstairs but big enough to accommodate us. The loft will be ours and the kids will not be allowed upstairs. The loft wall is low and I really don't want to have to worry about one of them taking a 20 foot header on to the floor downstairs. Nor do I want to have to worry about them on the stairs. So we'll gate the bottom and they can have the main floor to play on (as well as the little yard).

The owner seems really nice which is good. She's German and has a college-age son so she's at least aware of what it was like to have kids (thinking wear and tear on furniture and the house). Princess Trouble has taken to her which is good.

We did get a piece of news today - our household goods are here! Not that we can take advantage of that but they are HERE at least. Ah, what I would give for my bed...

Little Man's 1 year well-baby visit is tomorrow. I still cannot believe he's 1.

McGyver's unit is returning from Afghanistan this week and I'm so happy for their spouses. I cannot imagine what this past year has been like. I am thankful that McGyver has not been deployed yet but sometimes I feel like I'm not part of the "club". Not that I *want* to be part of the club - I'd much prefer that McGyver avoid deploying at all. But there is a "sister-hood" that seems to exist within groups of spouses (yes, there are some husbands in the unit but overwhelmingly they are wives so I use the term "sister-hood") who have endured a deployment (or 2...or 3). I am in awe of them. I only hope that, when it is our turn to endure, we do so with the grace that I have seen in others.

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