I'm homesick. Probably because I don't have a HOME right now. Don't ask me WHERE I'm homesick for...couldn't answer that one clearly.

I miss SoCal - my hometown. I miss the familiarity, the variety, the memories, and the friends I've left behind.

I miss Colorado. We got a letter/pictures from old friends of ours (my brother's best man in his wedding) and it brought back wonderful memories of Colorado. I miss the environment, the smells, the seasons, the food, and the friends we left behind.

I miss Alaska. I miss my job there (well, most of it). I miss the familiarity (again), the wonderful group of people we got to know - the friends we left behind.

I miss Alabama. I miss the church we became a part of. I miss the wonderful hospital my baby boy was born in. I miss the friends I left behind.

And I miss Fort Campbell. We were only there for 8 months but again, we left friends behind.

Seems to be a theme in my life. I understand that is one of the "perks" of military life (pardon the sarcasm). I knew that when McGyver enlisted with my blessing.

It's just that some days, I deal with it better than others. This is one of THOSE days...

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Jay said...

How funny! I jumped to your link on GypsyPoet's page and was jogging through your blog. I love this thread! I have a list of much the same! My husband and I had a conversation this weekend, so similar to this!


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