I don't need a vacation, I need a JOB

Let me compare for you MY day versus McGyver's day...


Kids woke up about 2 minutes after McGyver headed out the door - about 7am. I got everyone fed, dressed, and ready to go to the library and then on to run errands and made sure the diaper bag was packed and ready to go.

Schlepped the kids to the library only to find out that Story time is Wednesdays NOT Tuesdays. Ugh.

Ran errands - went to 3 different preschools, the commissary, out to Honolulu to pick up the deposit on the house we were going to rent, and then back home.

Fed the kids lunch but didn't put them down for naps because it was too late.

Took kids to playground and made sure that Little Man didn't eat anything poisonous.

Came back and washed dishes, made dinner, cleaned up the rooms.

McGyver came home and we ate. Fought with Princess Trouble over how much she *didn't* eat and made the decision that she would get no ice cream (Tuesdays are $1 scoop nights at Baskin Robbins). Listened to her whine and moan.

Drove McGyver back over to the hangar to get his car - his key wouldn't work on the door so he had to use mine.

Came home, bathed kids, and got them to bed.

Worked a little more on Chapter 19 of my accounting class.

Collapsed into bed.*whew*


Woke up at his natural wake up time of about 6am. Took shower (notice I did not find time to take one myself).

Left 2 hours earlier than planned (hence, no shower for me) to get new car registered.

Went to work - no kids around, no one to feed, clothe, bathe, entertain, etc. - and played around with boats because that's what a helicopter pilot DOES at work...

Drove up to the North Shore with the people from work and the boats to "test them out".

Came home almost 2 hours later than normal.

I tell ya'...I don't need a vacation, I need a JOB!

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Mr Bob said...

buhahahaha, that was a great post. Thanks for sharing your frustrations. Think I'll go home and hug my wife.


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