It's time to admit it

This has been the (pardon the language) PCS from Hell. I've been trying to look on the bright side of things and been successful for the most part. But a backache, a teething, snotty 1 year old who won't sleep more than 2 hours at a shot, and losing the house have just about pushed me over the edge.

So I'm going to bitch and moan a bit and get it out so I can get on wth my life. If you don't want to listen to it, that's fine. No one is forcing you.

Here goes...

I'm sick and tired of being cooped up in this hotel. I'm tired of having to be (essentially) the sole entertainment for 2 children and not having 1 moment to myself. I'm tired of the crappy beds and this backache/neckache that I just can't shake. I'm tired of having to be so creative with our meal planning. I'd give my left arm for a simple meal of spaghetti. I'm tired of worrying that Little Man's crying at 2am is going to disturb the people next door.

I would kill for my own space right now. Just somewhere I could go and have a thought of my own that didn't involve driving (the only escape I'm getting these days is in the car, running errands). I tried locking the door to the bathroom but all I get then is 2 people banging on it and yelling. I'd rather just have the audience.

I miss my STUFF. I've been wearing the same 5 shirts for the past month and a half. I miss my bed (did I mention that already), my couch, and my kitchen.

I'm tired of being a 1-car family. The walls feel like they are closing in when McGyver has to take the car and we are left here with none. Yes, we can walk but there isn't a whole lot around to walk TO.

And I'm still a bit pissy about losing the house. I know we'll find something else and it may even be better but we haven't found it YET so I'm still pissy.

It doesn't help that I miss my friends. The adjustment period is always tough for me and not having a house to put together to distract me doesn't help. Add to that the fact that it's been cool, windy, and a bit rainy and my usual optimistic outlook is a bit dim right now.

I would give a lot in order to have a decent night's sleep and to wake up without stiffness in my neck and back.

I know it will get better - that's one thing that is keeping me from going over the edge. I just needed to whine a bit myself. I do have a bit of good news to report. My 12 year old car (with a V6 in it, mind you) is now getting 20 miles to the gallon! With the work that McGyver did, the mileage has gone UP! And he still has an oxygen sensor to put in that should help even more. Not bad for a 12 year old car with a V6 in it.

Ok - I think I've whined enough for now. I just needed to get that off my chest so I can get on with life. A friend of mine has been calling this the "PCS from Hell" for a while and I've really tried to avoid agreeing with her but I think that it is time to submit and be done with it.

AND AN UPDATE ON MY PREGNANT FRIEND WHO WAS ON BEDREST AT THE HOSPITAL...the baby's heartrate was erratic so as of last night, they were looking to do a C-section and take the baby. She's at 24+ weeks now so that is good but not as good as being 28 weeks. They could really use some prayers and good thoughts right now. I'll keep you all posted. Thanks!


barks said...

it WILL get better!!! and just think, when you find THE house, you will be SOOOO glad to get into it and set up with your own stuff and not having to worry about stuff left by the person the house belongs to!!!!

AND Little Man and Princess Trouble will have room to play without being right under your feet (and you'll be able to go to the bathroom ALONE!!!!!).

AND you'll soon have a 2nd vehicle so that you can go when you need to!

AND, best of all, you'll have a place where you can go and have your own space and time!!!

it WILL get better, and you WILL appreciate it!!!!

luv ya!!!!


Anonymous said...

i'm thinkin' a big long hug, a box of kleenex and some chocolate.



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