Just so everyone knows...

...we have an appointment with JAG to get living wills drawn up BUT I want to make CRYSTAL CLEAR the fact that, should I ever find myself in a "persistent vegetative state" or anything that resembles it, DO NOT PROLONG MY LIFE WITH THE USE OF A FEEDING TUBE, RESPIRATOR, OR ANY OTHER MACHINE. It's one thing if my doctors have solid hope that I will recover enough to have a meaningful life. But don't let me lie in bed for FIFTEEN years while you scramble around to find ONE quack in the world who is willing to say, "Oh yeah, I think she'll even walk again!".


If the fight to keep me alive involves judges, courts, CONGRESS, AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I should have been left to die a LONG TIME AGO!

Don't get me wrong - I voted (and proudly so) for George W. Bush. But he has NO BUSINESS in anyone's hospital room unless they are family or he is visiting them as they recover. NONE! He wouldn't leave his ranch in Texas to deal with the aftermath of the tsunami but he'll head back to Washington to intervene in the case of ONE person who NEVER WANTED TO BE KEPT ALIVE in this situation.

And Florida...don't get me started on that screwy state. They are more fouled up than the Left Coast. Idiots.

I hope this case illustrates the NEED for EVERYONE to have a living will that spells out your wishes. Get it done. NOW.

And Shepard Smith (FOXNews)...FIRE YOUR WARDROBE PEOPLE!!! You look like a PIMP! Good grief, man.


Rhianna said...

My goodness! Never let anyone say your convictions have no strenght of will behind them. :)

I agree with you, by the way. USAF LA issued Will, Living Will, Medical POA and a DNR.

Homefront Six said...

Yeah - I'm a red-head. I don't know how to be subtle...


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