Our borders

Having grown up in Los Angeles and having seen what illegal immigration does to a community, this story caught my eye :

500 Agents to Be Added to Arizona Border


I'm sorry but our "border control" has been lacking for DECADES. We have something like 10 MILLION illegal immigrants in this country. TEN MILLION. Most work in jobs that do not pay into the tax system yet they use our social services that are funded by the very system they DO NOT PAY INTO.

I voted for George W. Bush and I would again in a heartbeat. But I don't agree with his politics when it comes to border security and immigration policy. I think he's weak in these areas. I have yet to see a mainstream politician be as strong in this area as I would like. I don't think there is one out there - the Hispanic vote is too important to mainstream policticians for them to take a hard-line stance on immigration. Which is unfortunate because their constituents are the ones paying the price.

What should we do? I'm thinking that we need to borrow the plans that Israel is using to build THEIR wall and build our own. Sorry if that sounds harsh. Sorry if that makes you angry. But I am sick and tired of seeing our social services (the ones OUR TAX MONEY FUNDS) go down the tubes because the outflow is more than the inflow. Too many people and not enough money. The answer is not to raise taxes and increas the amount of money going IN to the system.

The answer is to limit access to those who have a RIGHT to it - the citizens of this country.

I am not against immigration - LEGAL immigration. My ancestors became citizens of this country through legal immigration (and some were here already). There is NO reason that everyone else can't follow the same path.

Want to be a citizen of this country? Want to enjoy the liberties? The freedoms? The priviledges and rights? COME HERE LEGALLY.

Don't want to go the legal route? Get the hell out.

That's all I have to say.

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