Ramble, ramble, ramble

Well, we have paid the security deposit on our house! We pick up keys and sign the lease April 1. Hopefully there will be no correlation between the date and the house...

The waves have been pounding the North Shore for the past few days and will continue to do so through the weekend. They shut down Waiamea Bay yesterday - some of the waves reached 40 feet on their face. Holy COW! And there were people out SURFING them! The next big swell is supposed to come through Sunday and we're hoping to get up to see it.

Got a little turned around on my way back from dropping off the deposit on the house. There is a by-pass - H201 - and I accidentally got on it and wound up going the exact OPPOSITE direction I needed to go. Wound up at the end of H1 in Aina Haina. Oops. But I did find a nice little Bread Company that I hope to get back to soon - looked yummy! One of these days I'll learn my way around.

The car is essentially fixed. The squeal is pretty much gone although not completely. McGyver came back in, all proud of himself (which he has every reason to be - not everyone can do all the repairs he has done in the parking lot of a hotel with no tools...) and tells me it's fixed. So we get in the car to go to dinner and I start it up. I rev the engine right after starting it up and

it squeals.

I thought McGyver was going to beat the car with a stick. Seems to only do it on start up and he thinks it's just a belt. Then again, that's how this whole mess started...

We're off - doctor's appointment at 7:30 AM. I am SO not a morning person...

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