A tough situation

Well, not really. It's a good kind of tough - either outcome is favorable.

Yesterday we went to look at a house that is currently being rented by a guy McGyver works with. He's getting ready to leave the island somewhere around the middle to end of April. His house is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom older house with a 2 car garage. It's closer to post than a lot of the places we've looked at and the landlords are supposedly great. The biggest selling point of this place is the rent - currently McGyver's friend is paying $1400 per month. That is UNHEARD of around here. That is easily $800 below market value.

The drawbacks are that the house is on the small side, it is lacking storage space inside (the 2 car garage makes up for some of that). The backyard is not fenced and the covanents of the are may prevent putting a fence up. The kitchen is a little awkward and there is no separate dining area.

But it's $1400.

Then today, we looked at another house (actually we looked at 5). Four bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, AND A LOFT plus a 2 car garage. $2200. Not outside our budget.

But not $1400.

It's a wonderful house - definitely has that "WOW!" factor to it. Two bedrooms downstairs including the master bedroom. Two bedrooms upstairs along with the loft. The kitchen is nicely laid out, the rooms are big, it has central air conditioning and the owner says her utility bills average less than $200 per month. And, get this...


For $2200.

The drawbacks are that it is further south than the other house which means more traffic and a longer commute. There is little yard space...enough to let the kids play in (once the overgrowth is cut back and we lay some sod) but not a lot. The parking situation is a little tight but that's pretty much how it is all over the island.

And it's not $1400 per month.

We're faxing our application TONIGHT.

However, if we don't get it, our alternative is the $1400 per month house and taking that one would mean that we would be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE in 2 years without breaking a sweat.

It's a tough situation we're in.

As we were out driving today and running errands today, we passed a strip mall. In the strip mall was a veterinary clinic.

And on either side of said vet clinic were (wait for it...)

a Vietnamese restaurant and a Thai restaurant.

Not sure I want to eat at either or take my pets to that vet.


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