We GOT it!!!

The 4 bedroom is OURS! As of April 1.

I'm doing a MAJOR happy dance right now!!!

Now we just have to decide what furniture of the owner we want to keep and what to have her put in storage and sell off our washer and dryer, BBQ, and futon because we won't be needing them for at least a year and I have better things to spend that money on.

I was also able to go see my friend who is on complete bedrest at 22 weeks into her pregnancy after starting to leak amniotic fluid. The leak has stopped, she's not having contractions, and she's doing well. But she could still use some prayers. Her fluid levels are low and it's not like a car where you can just dump another quart in and fill 'er back up. And that low fluid level can cause the baby distress and bring on the need to deliver her early. Every day that my friend stays pregnant is a blessing and every week that she remains pregnant is a huge milestone developmentally and reduces the negative issues that the baby may face if she comes early.

So keep praying please.

And, in a career change, I have decided that *I* need to run the Army. Yep, you heard it. I'm giving up teaching to run the Army. Because the ding dongs in any position of power seem to have lost all sense of common.

This post has had the bulk of its soldiers deployed to either Iraq or Afghanistan for over a year. They are JUST NOW returning. Some are back - some are not. Some LITERALLY just stepped off the plane...like yesterday.

So, what does the Division commander decide would be a nice "welcome home" gesture to these soldiers? A DIVISION RUN. Yep - you heard me. "Thanks for hanging out on the front lines for a year, slogging through sand, mud, and crap for a year. Now get together and RUN."

You HAVE to be joking me. What the hell are they THINKING?

Obviously, someone up there had some shred of common sense and the run was cancelled.


...these same soldiers get to spend their Saturday morning picking up trash on the North Shore.


I'm all for giving back to the community. But these people just spent a YEAR fighting for their country. What the HELL are they THINKING?

Good grief.

So I'm applying for the job. Think I'll get it?


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