Yummy in my tummy and I hate car problems

Those of you who know me at all know that I have a WICKED sweet tooth (thank you Dad...). If it is sweet and gets in my way, I eat it. I'm not a fan of sour things but when I was pregnant with Little Man, even sour things (sweet tarts, sour patch stuff, etc) were devoured.

Anyway, one of my favorite surprises in life (again, it doesn't take much to make me happy) was finding the occasional peanut M&M that had NO peanut in it. A solid chocolate M&M and bigger than the regular plain M&M. Well, I was at the commissary the other day and was picking up more M&Ms for Princess Trouble (rewards for going potty on the potty) and found M&M eggs - SOLID MILK CHOCOLATE M&Ms the size of peanut M&Ms. I'm in heaven.

Then, today, while taking a break from my life that is cooped up in our hotel room, I stopped by Borders to actually have a thought of my own. I was thirsty so I went into the cafe to get something to drink and found my newest obsession - Honey Vanilla Chai tea. It's YUMMY! I'm not a fan of coffee but I love tea and I love chai tea - again, it appeals to my sweet tooth. McGyver says it tastes like oatmeal. I don't really care WHAT it tastes like - it's YUMMY to me.

The car is down again...well, it's been on its way down for a while and now it's finally in need of repair. It's had a scream for months that we thought was a belt. So we replaced the serpentine belt (which needed to be replaced anyway) but that didn't do the trick. Then the starter went out on us - after we got to Hawaii and McGyver had no tools. So we replaced the starter but the scream was still there. McGyver deduced that it was a result of the alternator going out. So we located a new alternator and put it in.

Still, the car screams. In fact, the scream is worse. So now it appears that the scream is a result of a bad water pump. Nothing "catastrophic" according to McGyver. So we get the part but there's apparently no rush to put it in. Until now. Saturday night...

...when it's getting dark...

...and raining...

...and it's dinner time.

NOW it needs to be replaced.

Must be an inherent difference between men and women. As a female (and not being terribly mechanically inclined and having a SERIOUS distaste for car problems that leave you stranded on the side of the road and necessitate a call to Roadside Assistance) I like the idea of address and resolving car problems as soon as possible. But McGyver, being more mechaincally inclined and NOT really being bothered by car problems that leave one stranded tends to wait until a non-urgent problem becomes urgent.

Of course, the problem usually becomes urgent at the most inopportune time (say, when we are in a new place with no tools and no 2nd car to pick up the slack) and it usually happens when I"M driving the damn car.



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