Another tough situation

I swear, it's feast or famine with us these days. We go for WEEKS with little or no prospects in the house hunting department. Now we have 2 different places we a looking at. Both are good deals - nothing outstanding but good deals.

House #1 is the house I posted about here. 3BR/3BA with a 2 car garage and a nicely sized kitchen. Small yard but a great area. And it's LESS than our housing allowance. But it's not available until May 1.

House #2 is one I found today and have not yet been inside of. We are scheduled to take a look-see tomorrow afternoon. It's a 4BR/2BA with a 2 car garage and a HOT TUB. The yard is big (by Hawaii standards) and nicely landscaped. It's a little more (about $250 per month more) but it's available TOMORROW.

Here's the kicker...Army regulations state that you can only stay in temporary lodging (The Fishbowl) for 60 days. April 18 is our 60th day. We've put in for an extension but won't know until tomorrow whether it's been approved.

It will come down to a few things :

1.) whether our TLA extension has been approved. If it hasn't, we need to find something to live in before April 18.

2.) how our meeting with the landlord of house #1 goes tomorrow

3.) what the inside of house #2 looks like

4.) whether the landlord of house #2 accepts us as the tenants should we decide to apply for it

5.) my level of sanity or lack thereof on the day the decision needs to be made. 46 days of living in The Fishbowl takes its toll on someone who didn't have a whole lot of sanity to begin with.

Decisions, decisions, decisions...

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Haole Girl said...

Isn't that so typical?

Take the second one so it doesn't interfere with your trip!!


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