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Law Calls for Predator Tracking

Under the Jessica Lunsford Act approved Tuesday by the House of Representatives, future sexual offenders who prey on children younger than 12 years old will face at least 25 years in prison and a lifetime of satellite tracking if they are released.

You know, if we imposed the death penalty on anyone convicted of any kind of sexual offense against a child under the age of 12, we wouldn't have to worry about any of this crap. People who prey on children in this manner do not deserve to live. There is no "rehabilitation" for people like this. You cannot "cure" a pedophile.

But you sure can prevent them from ever doing it again. End them.

No "25 years in prison". No "satellite tracking". End them.

Our children will not be safe until we, as a society, put our foot down and say "No more!". Until that time that we choose to properly protect our children from the scum that prey on them, they will never be truly safe.

My children will not have the same childhood that I had. They will not have the freedoms that I enjoyed. I could roam the streets during the day and - for the most part - my parents didn't have too much to worry about. And what they DID have to worry about was usually stuff I managed to get MYSELF into. I could go play at friends' houses without my parents really worrying about who might be there.

Not anymore. My children are not out of my sight. I realize they are still small but I don't know that there is an age at which I will feel comfortable letting them out of my sight.

Hell, kids in Florida aren't even safe INSIDE THEIR OWN HOMES! IN THEIR OWN BEDS!! Where does it end? When will we choose to make children our top priority and stop making the "rights" of the criminals the priority?

It makes me mad. And sad. I'm mad that I can't enjoy the relative lassiez-faire attitude that my parents had when I was a child. And I'm sad that my kids will not get to experience the freedoms I did. And I'm not sure WHO I am more angry at - the evil scumbags that prey on our children or the politicians, judges, and "criminal-rights activists" who continue to allow them to walk the Earth.

But that legislation, a $56 million proposal considered too costly to enact, has stalled in both the House and Senate.

How much is the life of YOUR child worth? My kids are definitely worth more than $56 million.

Much more.


Haole Girl said...

Satellite tracking? They need to be used for training exercises.

Katy said...

I have read several articles saying there is not a cure for phedophilia, so why waste money trying to keep them from offending again. We know they will. I am with you...Death! That is the best way to protect our children. Give them the death penalty.


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