The countdown

10 days and counting!!! Tomorrow, we'll be into single digit days! Can you tell how ready I am to move into our house???? 10 days until we have 3 bedrooms, a REAL kitchen, a bathroom with more than 5 square feet (actually THREE of them) and a BACKYARD with a fence so I can let the kids go PLAY!!! Woohoo!!!

6 days until we head to Maui. Can't wait for that either. We'll be meeting up with old friends who have children the same ages as Princess Trouble and Little Man and they can spend the time playing!

3 days until my accounting test. So now I am off to review (yet again) the direct and indirect methods of preparing a Statement of Cash Flows and how to analyze financial statements.

And 1 day (well, more like 17 hours) until I get my new little Honda :)


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