From C-SPAN Congressional Glossary :

A Filibuster is the term used for an extended debate in the Senate which has the effect of preventing a vote. Senate rules contain no motion to force a vote. A vote occurs only once debate ends. The term comes from the early 19th century Spanish and Portuguese pirates, "filibusteros", who held ships hostage for ransom

So the Senate - namely the Democrats in the Senate - are holding votes "ransom" rather than doing their JOB. Great. Government is slow and cumbersome enough as it is - now we have to add kidnapping (of sorts) into the mix? How did these morons get elected?

I've been doing some reading on the filibuster - its history, its supposrters and detractors, its implications - and I won't rehash it all here. If you're curious enough to what to learn about filibusters, you can do with I did and Google it.

But let me say this : whether you support the existence of the filibuster or you believe it is unConstitutional (as I do), PICK A SIDE AND STICK WITH IT. I can handle people and politicians (the distinction being made because I am beginning to believe that politicians are not people) who believe differently than I. But, damnit, find a conviction and stick with it! Don't change your mind because it suits the situation (yes, I'm speaking to you, Senator Byrd and Senator Leahy). Flip-flpping is what sunk John Kerry's boat (pun : intended) and if you're not careful, it will sink you too.

From : Ross Mackenzie at Townhall.com :

Now we have the spectacle of (a) Democratic Senators such as Robert Byrd deploring the very idea of changing the filibuster rule, when during the years of Democratic dominance he was the master of changing Senate rules to enable Democratic ambitions of the moment. And we have the spectacle of (b) Democratic Senators such as Patrick Leahy supporting the 60-vote filibuster rule now, but having said on for instance June 18, 1998: "I have stated over and over again on this (Senate) floor that I would . . . object and fight against any filibuster on a judge."

And, of course, what would a fight be without the drunk egging everyone on?

Teddy Kennedy: "(I will) resist any Neanderthal that is nominated by this president . . . for any federal court."

Way to do your job there, Senator. Have another drink.

If you cannot tell by now, I am sick to death of all of this. To ALL members of Congress (both sides of the aisle) : shut up and do your job. That's what my tax dollars go to pay for. If I want to hear YOUR opinion, I'll ask you for it.

YOUR JOB IS TO REPRESENT YOUR CONSTITUENTS, NOT YOURSELVES. Most of you seem to have lost sight of that little nugget of knowledge.


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