Gotta clear my head before I hit the sack

Just got done reviewing/studying for my accounting exam that is supposed to take place tomorrow. I say "supposed to" because the proctor can't seem to find the information about WHERE to access the test (it's an on-line test). We'll see. I have my password, my 1 page of notes, and my 2 blank sheets of scratch paper along with my pencil. I need to pick up a calculator tomorrow. Usually I use my Palm Pilot as my calculator but I see that as being a no-no on the test. God only knows what all I could store in there and use to cheat on the test.

So, because I need a calculator, Little Man needs diapers, and I need to get the kids' pictures taken (last time I had portraits done was in JULY...I'm slacking BIG TIME!!!), we're headed down to the NEX at Pearl Harbor. I love that place. It *almost* makes up for not having a single Target on the island.

I have to be back right after lunch so I can drop the kids with McGyver and go take my test. Again, I'm hoping for a B. I *think* I have a pretty good grasp on Statements of Cash Flows and how to analyze financial statements (horizontal, vertical, and ratio analyses) - now we will see if I can stay out of my own way.

The new little Honda is fun to drive. It has a few minor issues (a little hickup in the transmission when you're at a stop, a little slippage coming off the line, the a/c doesn't work and neither does the stereo, the struts for the hatchback need to be replaced, and it needs to be detailed inside) but it's quick and it's been well-cared for. We are the 3rd owners and the 2 previous owners have taken very good care of it. I don't think it has missed a regularly-scheduled oil change in 105,000 miles. Don't plan to start now.

McGyver FINALLY gets to start flying again in a little less than a month. FINALLY!!! At Campbell, they knew he was leaving so he was at the bottom of the list when it came to flight time. And when we got here, the unit wasn't back from the desert yet so there weren't any birds to fly. As it stands now, there is only 1 that is fully functional and there are 3 pilots ahead of McGyver who need flight time. But soon...soon. He'll be a happy camper then.

We've heard from Uncle K in Afghanistan. He now has a platoon to command (much better, in his opinion than sitting behind a desk...don't know that I agree from the worry-wart standpoint but I'll go with it) and is out and about. I just pray that he stays safe and that his men stay safe.

8 days until we get keys. I CANNOT WAIT!!! I have a mental list running of things that we will want to get for the house : a/c and ceiling fan for the back bedroom, patio furniture (since I suspect we will be eating out in the backyard often), a breakfast island/table for the kitchen (where is my father when I need him??), and new bathroom stuff - for the "public" bathroom and our bathroom (I plan to re-do ours). Oh, and a bench for the front porch - no one is allowed to wear shoes inside (per our lease!) so we'll need somewhere for people to sit and take off their combat boots...er, shoes.

Ok - my head is clearer. We'll see if I can get some sleep and not lose the accounting information I tried to cram in my brain this evening...


Haole Girl said...

Good luck with the exam!! I'm sure you'll do fine. (Don't you hate when people tell you that?)

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the exam. I am now a frequent reader of your blog and love how you are able to take things in stride. I am a professor at a school near Ft.Campbell where you were stationed and can tell you that nontraditional students such as yourself always expect a "B" and outperform the young kids by a huge margin. LaDon


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