A knot in the stomach

We woke up to the news that a Chinook had gone down in Afghanistan. This one is a double whammy...

16 Killed In Chinook Crash

The Chinook community is so small, as I've mentioned before, that there are literally two degrees of separation. You either KNOW the crew or you know SOMEONE who knows them. We're waiting anxiously to hear what unit and installation the helicopter was from and who the crew was. Whoever they were, our hearts and prayers go out to their families. I cannot imagine the dread that comes with that knock on the door.

The other whammy in this is that Uncle K is there. In Afghanistan. And he is one who could be a passenger on a Chinook at times. So the dread is there too.

No news is good news and we have no news so that is good. But we still worry and we still pray. A lot.

A WHOLE lot.


Mr Bob said...

please let us know if your uncle is OK or not!
Praying for you and yours.

Homefront Six said...

My MIL got an e-mail from him yesterday and he's ok, thank goodness. One piece of good news in an otherwise sad day.


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