Malasadas and Kailua

If you've ever tried beignets before then you will have an idea what malasadas are.

There is a little vendor trailer over in Waikele and I've been meaning to try them since the first time I saw it. Finally got the chance today. Not quite as delectible as a beignet but close enough to make me happy.

You can get them either plain (topped with cinnamon sugar) or custard-filled. Being the purist that I am, I opted for the plain. They were too hot to handle at first but soon enough I was burning the roof of my mouth on one. It was like eating a fried cloud - they are puffy, hot, and steamy. I'm sure, had I not had to share with the rest of the family, I could have plowed through the box of 6 all by myself.



Last night we headed over to the windward side of the island. McGyver had a line on a surfboard for cheap and a backpacking water filter for FREE. We stopped for dinner at Buzz's Steakhouse. McGyver and Princess Trouble had the teriyaki chicken and I had one of their fish specials (don't ask me what it was...I can't remember the name...it was similar to red snapper). Quite yummy. Across the beach is Kailua Beach Park - a lovely area with a small channel that comes inland and seems to provide some nice, shallow water to let the kids play in. I think we will have to head back over that way again soon. The park looks like a WONDERFUL place to picnic.

To get to Kailua you can take Interstate H3 to get there (your other options being Likelike highway or Pali highway). H3 is beautiful but controversial. It only took 25 YEARS of construction to complete this thing. In the process, they managed to destory native Hawaiian burial sites thanks in part to the rerouting that was forced to take place because the original route through Moanalua Valley was declared a historic site. Had they left the route as planned, the environmental impact would have actually been LESS than it wound up being.

Way to go Greenpeace...

Anyway, it was a beautiful drive.

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