Parking lot ruminations

I had some errands to run today...the PX/PXtra (I know, cool name isn't it?), commissary, and the Class VI (aka the liquor store). All are in the same general area so I parked in a centrally located spot and walked to each location. As I was driving to the row in which I wanted to park, I got stuck behind someone waiting for a spot.

Now, that wouldn't be a big deal except for the fact that this person passed up 2 perfectly good parking spots not more than 20 feet past the spot they were waiting for. ANd the spot they were waiting for was occupied by someone who had an ENTIRE cart full of groceries to unload into their trunk.

So...rather than park 20 or so feet further away, this person CHOSE to sit, idling, in the MIDDLE of the freakin' row, and WAIT for this space to open up. Had I been able to squeeze through on either side of them, I would have (probably would have offered up a few salutations of sorts as well) but I couldn't. And genious behind me (and the genius behind him and so on) was so close to the backend of MY car that I had very little wiggle room (for those of you who aren't famliar with a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder, they have NO turning radius...NONE.) So I was stuck.

As I sat there, I noticed a few things. The funniest thing I noticed was the $500 Ford P.O.S. (I'll let YOU figure out what that acronym stands for) with the $2,000 rims on it. Spinners, no less. WHY on Earth would ANYONE (especially someone who obviously could stand a better car) CHOOSE to spend $2,000 on something that ENTERTAINS others? I don't get it. I could *almost* understand it if it were a nice car - even a decent car. But a Ford P.O.S.? C'mon. Priorities people.

The other thing I noticed was that some people really want ME to listen to THEIR music. I'm seriously considering yanking the stereo and CD changer out of my car and selling them. I don't really need them - all I need to do is roll my window down (sometimes THAT isn't even necessary) and listen to the car behind me.

Here's a thought for all of you who like to listen to your music so loud that I can hear it a BLOCK away...if you're going to boost your base to that extent, at least tighten down the license plate frame on the trunk so it doesn't vibrate annoyingly each time the subwoofer booms out. Better yet, turn the damn volume down.

And whoever came up with the concept of "Compact Cars Only" parking spaces should be shot.


barks said...

now you know why i roll my window down and act deaf as a post!!!

i do NOT want to hear other folks music when i'm in my own car!!!

love you guys.

Haole Girl said...

Parking lots annoy the heck out of me. MIL is the worst - I am embarassed to go anywhere with her.

(P.S. I was going to blog about parking lots today too....scary!)

Homefront Six said...

great minds think alike...


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