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Still working on the coursework but I'm making headway. I am hoping to have most of it wrapped up by the weekend so we can enjoy ourselves.

I was scanning Yahoo! headlines today and these two articles caught my attention :

1.) Roundup Nabs More Than 10,000 Fugitives

I'm thrilled that our Justice Department has caught these people but isn't that their JOB? Why do we have to have an EVENT for the Marshals Service to actually CATCH CRIMINALS and send them back where they came from?

Of course, if we were to actually secure our borders like they SHOULD be, we wouldn't have this problem in the first place...

Experts: San Quentin Prison Conditions Bad

I'm sorry...I didn't realize that PRISON was supposed to resemble a hotel. I thought it was PRISON!

Yes, the conditions are BAD - it's PRISON!!!

Of course, if we were to actually deport those prisoners that are not legal residents of this country that are currently being housed at San Quentin and other prisons throughout this country, I bet the over-crowding issue would cease to exist...But what do *I* know?

"We're pouring a billion dollars into health care in corrections. To my mind, that's enough. The question is, where is it going?"

Stuff like that infuriates me. I don't know about you but when I pay my bills, I am pretty aware of where the money goes. By the end of the month, I can tell you - with decent accuracy, where the money went. IT'S NOT HARD! Just because there are a few more zeroes on the end of the figures shouldn't make it any more difficult.

Where's Dave Ramsey when you need him?

Stupidity kills me.

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