Rain, rain...go AWAY!

It's raining here. Again. It's been raining here for...oh, I don't know...about 3 months.

I'm about tired of the rain.

It makes it even harder to be cooped up in this Fishbowl if we can't really go outside. I mean, we *could* but then I'd have to listen to Princess Trouble whine about getting wet. And I'd have to keep Little Man from eating the worms.

NOT my idea of fun.

An update on the house...so far, so good. We are filling out the application tomorrow. The property manager was somewhat surprised that we are interested in it - he says it's small. It's not BIG but it's not small. And it's in a perfect location and the price is right so we'll deal with it.

In fact, the lack of extra space will force us to keep our possessions in check which is something we need to work on.

And the nice thing is that, because the rent is less than I had budgeted for, we can wipe out ALL of our credit card debt in less than 2 years. We can *probably* wipe out most of our student loan debt in the 2 years after that. And that's not taking into consideration any monies earned by McGyver should he deploy or raises in the future.

This is something I have to brag about. We have a lot of debt. Not so much that it gets in the way of our lives but enough to cause my stomach to tighten up and my blood pressure to go up. We had microbrew tastes on a Coors light budget in college and now we're paying for it. Dave Ramsey calls it the Stupid Tax. And the interest rate is painful.

But this move (painful though it may be in some ways) has been good for us, financially. We made a decision to live as frugally as possible while we are in the Fishbowl and it's paying off. By the time we move into our house toward the end of April, we will have paid off over 25% of our total debt, including the car. Hopefully we can continue to be "gazelle intense" once we get settled.

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