The silver lining

Dave Ramsey would be proud. In fact, if I can make this happen, I will call him and tell him what we've done.

By the time we move into our house, we will have been in temp lodging (aka "The Fishbowl") for 75 days. HOWEVER, there is a silver lining. Keep in mind it is after midnight and I have been juggling managerial accounting homework and nutrition homework so my numbers may be a bit off. BUT...by the time we move into our house, we will have paid off 1 car, bought another with cash, paid off 4 (FOUR!) credit cards, and be making a dent in the last one as well as the student loans.

All in all, we're talking over $18,000 of debt wiped off the board! HOLY COW!!! All of that in 3 months. Granted, some of that was thanks to a decent tax return and a LOT of that is due to the generous amount of per diem reimbursement we are getting but it also comes as a result of tightening the belt. We don't go out to eat much. And when we do, it's to places like Chili's where our tab is always less than $50. We don't have anywhere to really PUT stuff so neither one of us is buying much these days (a trend I'm hoping to continue once we get moved in). And we're getting good at doing things as a family that are either cheap or free.

Sure, we splurge. We're going to Maui in 2 weeks and I don't plan to skimp while we're there. McGyver's parents are coming for a visit and I don't plan to skimp while they are here either. But on an every day basis, we're running a pretty lean, mean machine.

I love it. LOVE IT!!! We may actually be able to achieve our goal of being debt free (and that INCLUDES the student loans) by our 10th anniversary! Oh, wouldn't that be wonderful!!! Two and a half years...we can do it.

So as much as I may gripe about being stuck in the Fishbowl or count down the days until we move out of here, I am truly greatful we are here.


Haole Girl said...

That is great! It (almost) makes it worth three months of misery...

Katy said...

That is awesome...what a weight lifted off your shoulders, I bet!!


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