We're going to Maui

Woohoo! Laundry is going, the suitcase is being packed (we're travelling REALLY light on this one), the reservations are made, the sunscreen is packed (I don't get a tan...I get a "pink"...).

Four days in Maui...I'm beginning to feel like my life resembles a George Carlin skit - the one where he talks about all the s**t that we (as people) have. You have all of your s**t at your house and then you decide to take a vacation so you pack SOME of s**t in suitcases and fly to your destination.

You get to your hotel and unpack your s**t. Then you get an invite to spend the night at a friend's house at the destination so you pack SOME of the s**t that you brought on vacation into a SMALLER bag...and so on.

That is our life right now. But it's a good life.

I'll be somewhat non-existent for the next week or so. Four days on Maui, then moving in to our house and taking delivery of our HHGs (household goods...our s**t for those of you not familiar with the military's fetish for acronyms), and entertaining McGyver's parents will (hopefully) keep me away from the 'puter for a while.

I do hope to be able to post some wonderful pictures from our Maui trip - namely sunrise at Halekala.

Have a good weekend and a wonderful week!

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