What are they thinking?

If we EVER buy a house and choose to rent it out with the help of a property management company, we will most definitely choose a company that is OPEN ON THE WEEKENDS!

Who, in their right mind, is CLOSED on a weekend when your livelihood is to rent properties? Would it not make sense to cater to those who WORK? Therefore, would it not make sense to be open on the WEEKENDS???


There are a few new places on the market but most are either too small or too expensive. There is one website I use most often and you can rank the properties according to either price, number of bedrooms, or date available or a combination thereof.

In the places we are looking to rent, the properties go from 2 bedrooms (within our price range but too small) to $2500 and above (big enough but too expensive). There is NOTHING in between.

We found out today that the inexpensive house we looked at a while back is still available to rent but won't be available to move into until end of April. And it's not $1400 but it's still inexpensive. We are also scheduled to look at a house tomorrow (in a wonderful part of town AND within our budget) and another mid-week (also in a great part of town but a little out of our price range).

So we have leads. I am hoping that tomorrow yields more new listings and that next week will see even more. We will see...

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Haole Girl said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys!!

(You know it will be the first week of May, right?)


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