Another pet peeve to add to the list

For those of you who teach - especially those of you who teach classes in which at least one of your students is a mother with 2 small children and a house to unpack...PAY ATTENTION!!!

When you publish your syllabus, make sure that ALL of the assignments are on there. Don't think about ADDING TO IT 3 weeks before the end of the flipping semester!!!

It's bad enough that I'm swamped beyond belief and I'm struggling to get all of my work done (the work that was initially published on the SYLLABUS!) for all 3 classes before the term ends next month. But now you decide that a chapter summary for each chapter isn't enough...you have to throw on an additional point to discuss. Damnit - I have ENOUGH work to do for this damn class - don't make my life any more difficult.


- hfs


Haole Girl said...


That's just wrong!

Gail said...

What she said!!!


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