A change is needed

We had our cable installed last weekend and I've pretty much had CMT (Country Music Television) on constantly for the past few days when the kids aren't watching Disney or Nick.


As I'm unpacking boxes this afternoon, the Sudafed commercial comes on. You know, the one that has all of the people coming up to the pharmacist's counter complaining of a stuffy head, a head cold, allergies. And everyone is pointed in the direction of "aisle 5" for their box of Sudafed.

There's just one problem. Oklahoma and Oregon both have passed legislation that requires Sudafed products be kept behind the pharmacist's counter. Something like 25 to 30 other states are considering similar legislation.

I think it's time for Phizer's (Sudafed's manufacturer) advertising company to retool that one.

- hfs


Gail said...

The great state of Alabama is following suit on that one as well.

How is the unpacking going?

Teresa said...

In Illinois - they have it out in the aisle, but in a clear lockbox. You have to get the pharmacist to open it for you and you can only buy 2 boxes max at one time. (wouldn't want us housewives out here making crystal meth now would we... *sigh*)


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