The end is in sight!

The tests are done and out of the way. Not the most successful day of my life but it's over. I have a take-home test to type up, a project to type up and mail, and a paper to write - all of which I will do AFTER this weekend.

And then I am done! DONEDONEDONE!! Well, at least until Fall. Many of you might be wondering WHY I am taking classes - I'm not sure if I explained that or not. I have a degree in "Exercise and Sport Science" with a teaching concentration. This allows me to be certified to teach physical education. I can also teach health but, based on my BS alone, I cannot be certified in Health Education. In order to be certified (and therefore be able to apply directly for a Health Education position), I needed 18 credits of Health Education on my transcript. THAT is why I am taking classes.

As for Managerial Accounting...well, I save that story for another day. Right now, I am off to lounge on the couch and enjoy the momentary quiet while my kiddos nap.

- hfs

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Haole Girl said...

Yay!! Enjoy your weekend!


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