Ignorance must be bliss

A few weekends ago, there was a post-wide yard sale so we packed the kids in the car and headed off in search of an air conditioner for the kids' room and a few other things. We found a kid's picnic table for the kids and needed to take it apart to get it in the car to take it home.

I usually have an "Action Packer" (that's the actual name for it, not just what I call it) in the back of the car with a basic toolset (among other things) in it but, because of the move, it wasn't in there. So McGyver needed to borrow a pair of pliers from the woman that was selling the table.

She didn't know what pliers were.

I kid you NOT. She looked at him - blankly - and then said "whatever my husband has in the garage, you are more than welcome to use."

HOW on Earth do you NOT know what a pair of PLIERS look like? WHO RAISED YOU???

Now I'm not Sally Craftsman or anything but I can handle basic tools and yes, I have my OWN Makita drill. I can change a tire (thanks, mom) and the oil (thanks, dad) on my car. I can install shelving, hang items on the wall with expansion bolts, do minor repairs on appliances (and go shopping for new ones when the repairs make things worse). Can't sew worth a darn (learning how to do so is on my "TO DO" list) but I can handle basic tools.

This woman didn't know what a pair of PLIERS were.

Good grief.

On our way to dinner that evening, McGyver looked at me and said, "I'm so glad you know what a pair of pliers is."

Me too. Me too.


Heather said...

She must be one of those lucky ones who's never had to use a pair of pliers to get her zipper up LOL!

Anonymous said...

What a crack up! Thanks for the laugh.

One of the unks

Heather said...

*sigh* I choose to think of myself as "Independently Dependent"...I can do all of the things that need doing while DH is off doing what he does, it is out of necessity really... not knowing what a pair of pliers is just astounds me! But then again I couldn't sew a pair of curtains if Osama himself was forcing me to... I took auto shop insted of home-ec...

Teresa said...

OMG!!! *shakes head* Nope... I don't get it - how do you get through life without learning at least what a pliers looks like! That's just sad!

Haole Girl said...

Pliers? Was she kidding?

I know my way around a tool box (how else would I fix the garage door after backing into it so many times?).

I am Ignorant By Choice when it comes to anything automotive. I can put gas in, check the oil (if no one else will), probably change a tire (if no one else will), and that's about it. I hate car stuff. I don't want to know how to do it because then I would have to get my hands dirty. I'll let the Hubster and a mechanic deal with it.

(But I am making the Diva take an Auto Repair For Girls class. I'm not a total idiot. :) )

LorelieLong said...

Tag, you're it!


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