Not my day

Little Man decided that I didn't need sleep last night so I'm sure my reaction to this latest fiasco with my school is tainted by my exhaustion.

McGyver has started flying. Along with his other duties as the IMO (information management officer), his schedule is pretty tight and he can't just take days off now and again. I am coming to the end of the term (THANK GOD!) and have some loose ends I need to tie up - namely, 3 accounting exams and a nutrition final. All of which must be proctored.

The nutrition final, which was requested back on April 7, JUST got to the testing center - gave me a little bit of heart failure there. The professor (same one who decided to add an assignment 3 weeks before the end of the term), decided to re-write the exam and just now got it to the exam people and JUST NOW decided to post the review packet.

I sent in my request for my 3 accounting exams the other day and planned to take all 3 tomorrow - one right after the other. Not the BEST way to do it but tomorrow is the only day McGyver has off and can watch the kids. I have no one else to watch them right now. Working on it, but don't have anyone right now.

Well, today I get an e-mail stating that I CAN'T take my 3 exams tomorrow. I can only take one. Then I have to request the next and take it and then I have to request the last one and take it. Essentially, I have to blow THREE days to take 3 exams. That would be great if McGyver could take 3 days off to help me out but he CAN'T.

Trust me, if there were a way for me to NOT have to take 4 exams in ONE day, I would have gone that route.

So I'm kind of up the creek without a paddle right now. I've e-mailed the testing center at my school to see if there is a way around this decision but I'm not holding my breath. Each of these exams is 20% of my grade and I can't take an incomplete due to my federal financial aid restrictions.


I am SO ready for this term to be OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Edited to update : the school is allowing me to call and schedule the 2nd (and then 3rd) exams as soon as I complete the first one. So I CAN take them back to back, I just have to finish one before they allow me to access the next. *whew* I swear, I'm going to have a flipping ulcer before this term is over.

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Dianna said...

Bring them by here! Im not an invalid- hubby is on leave and it would put some hair on his chest ;) We wouldnt mind, really!!!


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