Yep - I'm procrastinating. I admit it. It's a cool, cloudy morning - slightly rainy - and I'm having a hard time getting motivated to tackle the "TO DO" list. Little Man is teething and therefore did not sleep well last night which means neither did I so I'm a bit tired. I'd give a large sum of money for a Coke right about now. Think I'll settle for a chai tea instead. Sometimes I wish I were a coffee drinker...

I'm sitting here, listening to Dave Ramsey. I love high speed internet (when it's working...). Anyway, it dawned on me how much I miss our routines. We're starting to get back into them but it's taking a while and it's driving me nuts. I thrive on structure and routine. That's not to say I am inflexible - I like variety too. But life goes a LOT more smoothly (for me and, therefore, my kids) if there is some structure to my life.

Along with all of the stuff there is to do on my "TO DO" list, I need to add "budgeting" and my cleaning schedule to the list. Both of those will go a LONG way in helping me feel settled.

Military life doesn't lend itself to routines and schedule at times. Moving really messes with routines and schedules. BIG time. Aside from the chaos of the move itself, you give up schools, doctors, known favorites, friends, etc. I think the 2 hardest things to have to give up (for me) is a hairstylist and a babysitter. Not that my hair is anything spectacular. It's not. But I don't put a lot of work into it and therefore I need a cut that works well for me. I had a great hairstylist back in Tennessee. And not only did she cut my hair well, my haircuts cuts me all of $12. Yep - $12. Plus tip, of course. But $12. Hard to beat that anywhere, let alone Hawaii.

As for babysitters, we ran into this problem last week. McGyver's battalion had their ball and we were going. Fine, but WHO will we get to watch the kids? When you're new to an area, you don't KNOW anyone. Makes it kind of tough to find someone you trust to watch your kids. Most of the people we know right now are IN the unit and they were going to ball as well.

We were lucky in that we know a few people NOT in the unit and found someone (wonderful) to watch the kiddos. We have been fortunate in that respect. One of the things I truly love about military life is that, with a little work, you can "know" some people wherever you are headed. Thanks to a few bulletin boards/chat groups I belong to, I have met some WONDERFUL people - both here and across the country and around the world.

Ok - I've rambled long enough. Time to get some stuff DONE around here. Really...

- hfs

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Teresa said...

Hair stylists are absolutely the hardest people to replace when you move. I'm lucky... I don't have to worry about baby sitters any more. Whew!


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