on many fronts.

I'm 2/3 of the way through my 3rd assignment (out of 4) in accounting. I'll be setting up a time to take the rest of my exams for that class tomorrow. I'm not sure that taking 3 exams back to back is such a good idea but you gotta do what you gotta do.

I'll be finishing up the diet analyses I need to do for my nutrition class today. That will leave me with a paper to write and 2 exams to complete. No biggie there.

Then, for my 3rd class - Drugs, Behavior, and Modern Society, I'll be spending the majority of the day Saturday completing the chapter summaries and position papers for that class. That will leave me with the term project but that shouldn't be hard - I just need to put together an example of my unit plan from my teaching materials and do up a summary.

THEN I will be done. The last day to mail in assignments is June 3rd (to ensure they get there by the 6th) so I'll be free as of June 3. THANK GOODNESS!!!

No classes over the summer and probably only 1 or 2 in the fall.

We've made progress on the unpacking front too. The living room is all but done as is the kitchen. All that's left is to put up pictures and such. The kids' room is all but done - still need to put up a shelf and some pictures. Our bedroom is essentially unpacked but McGyver needs to straighten up his dresser and put his clothes away.

I'm not TOUCHING the office until after I finish this term. Never mind the fact that the movers DESTROYED my desk so I need to find a new one. McGyver and I have always had separate desks but I think we're going to buy some new file cabinets and a hollow-core door and make 1 desk to share. The office/guest room isn't big enough for 2 desks AND the futon.

Yesterday, during the kids' nap, I started to tackle the garage. McGyver has been too wiped out by the time he gets home (not to mention the fact that I could use some "away" time from the kids so losing him to the garage isn't ideal) to really do much with it. PLUS, he's not the best organizer. I told him that I could get it really organized if he'd let me and he said to "go to town". YAY!!! So he set up his workbench and such the way he wants it and now I can put everything else (well, not his workbench stuff although I could organize that too) away!!! There are some nice built-in shelves in the garage that will help IMMENSELEY in getting stuff organized and put away. Works for me!

We may even be able to (*gasp*) park a CAR in the garage! I know!!! Novel concept, isn't it?

Bear with me for a few more weeks. Like I said, once I get through the next 2 weeks, I'll be back on more often.

Until then, have a great week!

- hfs

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