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I've knocked out the chapter summaries, one of the accounting assignments, 1/2 of one of the take-home tests for the Nutrition class, done a bit of research on how the low-carb diet craze affects sport performance, and decided to wait until the last minute to take all of my accounting tests (gonna take them all in 1 day) because McGyver is due to start flying again soon and it isn't feasible for him to take THREE afternoons off when he can just take a day. So I'll wait until right before the end of the term to take the 3 accounting exams as well as my Nutrition final. I still have a lot to do and plan to spend a large portion of Saturday at the library (and a few more days later this month) but I'm making progress.

There are still boxes everywhere. For those of you who don't remember, I HATE cardboard boxes. HATE THEM. With a passion. And the fact that my house is full of them (as is the backyard) is driving me INSANE. But I have promised myself that I will only unpack during the day - my evenings are reserved for homework.

I was unpacking our china yesterday and here's how the brainiacs packed the box (from the BOTTOM up...this is key) :

lightweight cardboard box with our crystal champagne glasses
Lenox dinner plates (12 of them)
Lenox cups and saucers
Lenox salad plates (again, 12)
Lenox bread plates (again, 12)
silverware box

Very little packing paper was used. UNbelievable. Actually the unbelievable thing was that NOTHING in that box was broken. They'll use 4 sheets of packing paper to wrap one of my kids' plastic toys but get stingy with it when they go to pack the china and crystal. Brain surgeons, I tell you.

This move won't be as bad - damage wise - as the move from Alabama to Campbell. THey bashed up the dryer pretty well (no biggie - the house we rented comes with a washer and dryer so we're going to sell ours anyway), crushed a few of the metal bookshelves we had in the garage, finished off my bronze horse statue (a gift from a boy named Steve for my 13th birthday), did a bit of damage to the entertainment center, and busted up a few other small things but NOTHING like the claim we had to file last year.

Ok - time for lunch and some more unpacking. And homework, if I can cram it in. I probably won't be on again until next week sometime. Have a good weekend!


Heather's Goodies said...

Oh, I remember that statue from Steve (aka Baby Breaker) . . .

Homefront Six said...

Yep - you're right! I am still amazed that someone would give a gift like that at the age of 12. Did I ever send you the link that I found for him??

Anonymous said...

Homefront Six,

Sorry to bust into your comments when I'm not commenting on your post, but my email server is down at the moment. Robin Burk has been in touch with me and I wanted to alert you to a milblog opportunity for spouses that she's trying to organize. Please check out the link and if you're interested send an email to Robin (she needs to know pretty quickly). Email me and when my email server is back up, I'll get back to you.


Thanks and once again, my apologies for "rudely" interrupting your post. Hope they fix my problem soon.



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