Aloha Friday

That's what they call Fridays here. Gives them an excuse to end the workday at 3pm. Gotta love that. This week has been hectic - Princess Trouble had Vacation Bible School in the evenings and that made for a crazy week. But tonight is the last night and life should get back to something that resembles normal.

The gods conspired against MY Aloha Friday today though. If you recall, while we were in the middle of our move from there to here, all of us got sick. I wound up in the ER in the middle of the night and Little Man wound up at the doc's office after a big hassle with Tricare (recap here if you don't remember) with a rash that looked like the Measles. That was 4 months ago. Seems that Tricare isn't responding to the hospital and doc's requests for payment. Surprise, surprise, surprise.

Today in the mail, here is what I received :

- a bill from the water company (not really a big deal but after the ELECTRIC BILL that came yesterday, my poor heart could barely handle this one)

- a package from McGyver's parents that contained a bill from the doc and a "pay up or die" letter from the hospital (of course, me dying kind of defeats the purpose - they are more likely to get their money from me if I'm ALIVE)

- an e-mail from my mom regarding an account that I thought was settled YEARS ago - literally. This account has been around for 12 years. They lost track of me and I lost track of them for several years. Finally, upon inspecting my credit report, I realized that the account was delinquent. I made several attempts to settle up but the company never sent me the information I requested. So I let it go and eventually it no longer showed up on my credit report. Now, they are back. Morons. I'll send them their money - that's no problem. But not until I get - IN WRITING - that they will clear any and all negative comments from my credit report upon receipt of my payment.

So I guess it was "dump the bills on HFS" day today. Must have missed that memo. The money isn't really an issue - it is but it's not a hardship - it just seems that this all happens at once. Blech.

I'm off to try to seek out cheap plane tickets to the mainland. Uncle R is getting married - in August. I'm thrilled but summer travel from here tends to be a bit...pricey. And there is NO way I am travelling with Little Man on my lap for 6 hours. I'll fork over the money to get him his own seat...I think. Not if they are $600 like they were when I looked last week. Maybe we could buy a boat and sail to California...

I'll be calling Tricare Monday to rassle with them about the bills. Maybe I can slip our electric bill in there too...

Have a good weekend!

- hfs


TRex said...

Watch out for them tricare bozo's. That is how I found your blog - I was looking to see if other had been having the same problems with their bills as myself.

My problem was that Hummana Health Services, their contractor didn't send me a bill - and then didn't tell me I was behind.

Of course, this is tricare retired. So for the next several months I randomly got bills from their system for random amounts.

I finally got a letter that said the bill that arrived on the 12th was due on the first - and I called them up and blew my top.

The person who orriginally aswered the phone gave me to her supervisor, and she didn't understand either. The following week I call back (I am leaving out some details) and I got an answer on what was going wrong from the second supervisor. When I looked back at my payments for the entire previous year, I had to agree that what she said sounded like a resonable explanation.

The system was trying to get me to pay ahead so they wouldn't ever have to tell me I was *late* - as if that were some dirty word. If they would have just told me, it would have been fixed months earlier.

Haole Girl said...

It sounds like I 'tagged' you, but really, I didn't! Those "Ugh!" weeks just seem to be going around lately...

Good luck with Tricare - I have my horror story with them as well, but I'll save it for another day.

And if you find any deals on airfare, let me know! I'm going to try to get home in the fall, just me and Destructo - and I told the Hubster there is no way in hell I was going to do ten hours with a toddler on my lap! I'll let you know if I find anything.

TRex said...

I just noticed something about the company that placed something on your credit report. You said: "account has been around for 12 years" if it has been that long, you might want to write to the credit agency and challenge it. If the company is more interested in hasseling you and less interested in getting the matter straightened up - this might cause them to drop the whole matter. It basically causes the credit agency to write a letter to the company saying if the company cannot prover their case, then it has to come off of your credit report.

Gail said...

Dear god you had a day!

I agree with Barb good luck with Triare. Did I ever mention it took 7 months just to get a card for Lin with them? Yup 7 and that was with me being constant about it.

You’ll have to email me the name of that company. I ran my credit report and found one account that had been closed for 10 y ears was now listed as open with a balance. Thank god I keep all my letters when closing accounts.

I hope your weekend was better.


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