A breeze!

I don't know where the trade winds took off to over the past few days but it has been hot and sticky. And, given the fact that we are trying to slash our electric bill in half, it's been hot and sticky inside our house as well. Blech.

But today is better - there is a slight breeze, more clouds, and it's a few degrees cooler. Thank goodness.

I called the hospital to discuss the bill with them and Tricare (after having forwarded the claim from one processing center to another...I sent it to the wrong place - we were in the middle of a move...I didn't know where I was supposed to send it. Sue me.) had already called them and let them know that the claim was being processed. Holy Cow! The hospital is now off my back. Now I just need to call Tricare and find out why they aren't responding to the claim from the lab. Funfunfun!

I think we've tracked down a decent fare to get us to California for Uncle R's wedding. It's about $200 less than anything I've found on line. So we're good to go there. I think, while we're there, we'll be leaving the kiddos with the grandparents and taking off up to the local mountains where the in-laws have a cabin. Our anniversary is about a week before the wedding so this will be a nice anniversary getaway.

I miss the mountains. I've come to the conclusion that I am a mountain girl. Don't get me wrong - I like the beach. But I don't love it. Not like I love the mountains. I miss the crisp, cool air. The trees, the hiking, the snow, all of it.

If the "powers that be" are reading my blog (yeah, right) it would be nice if someone at DA would get off their duff and act on the rumor that has been going around for while - you know, the one that teases us with the possibility of an active duty Chinook unit being established there?? Yeah, that one. I'd kill to PCS to Fort Carson. I have a friend of mine who is probably rolling her eyes at me on that one but to each, their own.

I don't "yearn" for much but I yearn to get back to Colorado. That is where McGyver and I want to retire when he is done "playing Army". We both miss it terribly.

If Carson isn't an option when our time here is up, McGyver thinks he may push to get us back to Alaska. I know - some of you out there must think we are out of our minds but we miss it too. More than I ever thought possible. Yes, the winters are long, cold, and dark. But the scenery is amazing - awesome, even.

The people are incredible - hearty, self-sufficient, and helpful. And the mission up there for the unit is one that McGyver truly loved. Add to that the fact that, if and when we do head back up that way, Little Man will be entering school about that time which means I can consider going back to work. And, having already taught in that district, I have a foot in the door.

And in that environment, having a job is key to mental health. Getting out of the house - whether it is for a job, a hobby, meeting up with friends - is vital. Had it not been for my teaching and coaching jobs, I probably would have gone insane. But I didn't and I miss it more than I ever thought I would.

We went back up in September of last year and the moment we stepped off the plane, we were happy. The crisp air, the flurries of snow, the remnants of the 2 week fall...it felt SO good.

Like I said, Colorado is #1 on my list but if we can't get there, Alaska is right up there too. In the meantime, we will enjoy our time here and all that Hawaii has to offer. I'm headed out back to play with the kids in the sprinkler!


- hfs


LorelieLong said...

Yeah, I was one of the ones rolling their eyes.

I would rather live somewhere it was over 90 degrees everyday than somewhere it snowed even once a year. In fact, we're probably going to Ft. Irwin next.

Haole Girl said...

We would do anything to get to Colorado - I've only visited and it is one of the most breathtaking places I've ever been. Unfortunately, the USMC doesn't offer a whole lot there...


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