I just posted my final assignment - my term paper (topic : Low Carb Diets and Sport Performance). I mail off the assignments for my Substance Abuse class tomorrow (they are done, just sitting here waiting to be mailed). WOOHOO!!!!!!

I honestly did not think this term would ever end. Ever. Especially this week. But it's OVER!!! I am not all that proud of the grades I will receive (damn accounting class...) but I *AM* proud of the fact that I completed the term and didn't give up about 6 weeks ago.

Naw, MAYBE, I can really tackle life. There are SO many things on my "TO DO" list, I don't even know where to begin. Tomorrow, I plan to take my kids to the playground and really enjoy their laughter. This hasn't been the best of weeks in this house and I think we need to end things on a high note. So we'll find a nice playground and just enjoy the day.

This weekend, I plan to look - in earnest - for office furniture and start getting that room put together which will then allow me to tackle the garage.

Brunch on the Beach is going off again this weekend - I think that is a glorious way to start the summer and the weekend. We'll be there. I may even be first in line for Belgian Waffles.

It's going to be so nice to wake up tomorrow morning and the only thing I HAVE to do is hit the post office to drop off my assignments. That's it. Nothing else. Bills are paid for this half of the month. Groceries are bought ($161 for 2 weeks worth of meals and snacks! INCLUDING diapers, birdseed - more on that later - and paper products...I'm taking notes from my FrugalFood! friend...).




And I'm going to bed.

- hfs



Katy said...

Oh gosh...Congratulations on school. I also want to know how you only did $161.00. I would be in heaven.

Gail said...

WAHOOO!! You did it!!!! Congrats on being done!


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