A Few Updates

I have been a little remiss in updating you all on the status of both CPT Charles Ziegenfuss (a milblogger that I just recently found at TCOverride) and John Michael, the teenager with AML (a form of cancer).

First, CPT Z...

He is on his way to Walter Reed for treatment and recovery. You can read more about his condition HERE and HERE.

And should any member of the Left decide they actually want to invest in some cojones...maybe they should look to CPT Z. The man picked up the IED and tried to throw it into the canal in order to save his soldiers. THAT is a hero.

As for John Michael...

After the tube came out, Pops set up the CD player and the boy came out and danced. He earned lots of hoots (and even a dollar) from the nurses and staff. He definitely showed his personality with choice of song and moves. He wants them to play the Bee Gees "Stayin' Alive" when he leaves... is he a crack up or what?

The boy is now DANCING IN THE HALLWAY...not bad for someone who was so near death not more than 2 weeks ago. Amazing. Simply amazing. He and his family still have some concerns and could most definitely use your prayers, good thoughts, and Marriott Miles (or any other donation you feel compelled to make). But he's doing SO much better. Thank God.

Anytime anyone tells me there are no more heroes, no more real men, on this Earth - I'll just point these two men out to them and leave it at that.


- hfs

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