Monday monday monday

I didn't rassle with Tricare today - too damn hot to get all worked up on the phone. I got a letter from them saying that I had sent my claim to the wrong service center and that it had been forwarded. Whatever. Maybe tomorrow after hitting the library I'll turn on the a/c again and try to straighten this mess out.

Got my grades today - I didn't do as well as I had hoped but, given the circumstances of the term, I did ok.

Accounting (4 credits) - C (missed a B by 2 flipping percent...grr...)
Nutrition (3 credits) - B (missed an A by 4 percent)
Drugs and Society (5 credits) - A (this was the class I pounded out in a weekend pretty much)

A 3.1 GPA for the term. Eh, not bad. McGyver just laughs at me for getting bothered by the fact that I missed a B in accounting by so little. Such is life.

The "Child Development Center" (aka CDC) on post is hosting a "Parents' Night Out" next Saturday - 5 hours to ourselves.

I have NO idea what we will do...but I'm sure we can come up with SOMETHING...

We finally got bookshelves for the office as well as a piece of wood to make the desktop so the office is now coming together. Once I get the office together, I can tackle the garage. The kids have an appointment at the CDC for a few hours of "play time" and I plan to attack the garage then. Four hours should give me enough time to make a decent dent. We'll see.


- hfs


Katy said...

Congrats on the GPA. Excellent job. You have so much else to do on top of school. You always amaze me.

Homefront Six said...

You're making me blush :) Thank you!


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