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Chilling List Could Lead To Biggest Molest Case Ever

Again, there would be no problems with recidivism or how to rehablitate these "people" or where they can and cannot live if we would just apply the death penalty to anyone convicted of committing a crime such as this against a child under the age of 12.

End them. We need to take a stand for our children. The world is not safe for them and it needs to be.


- hfs


Echo9er said...
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Echo9er said...

I agree with your assessment. The only thing I would add is that the punishment should be for any offence of this type to ANY child under the age of consent.

Acts upon children 17 and under are just as deplorable as those 12 and under. The only difference is that those ate 15-17 may be able to defend themselves, but not likely.

These people (dare I call them people) should NEVER see the light of day.

Homefront Six said...

The reason I say 12 is because then you get into statutory rape situations and that gets muddy. ANd the age of consent varies so much from state to state.

I do believe there is a good deliniation between molestation and statutory rape though.


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