No news is good news

or so they say.

I have not heard anything other than what the news is reporting. Right now, it looks like it was an MH-47, a Special Ops bird. I have it from a good source that it was not a Big Windy (Germany) bird.

Still no word from BIL but again, no news is good news. I wish they would get the details out so I could stop worrying. Even without worrying about BIL, I still worry...the Chinook community is so small. I'm bracing for the list of names to be released - that damn two degrees of separation sucks. Chances are, we either know the pilots/crew or know someone who knows them.

Either way, 17 families could use some prayers right about now. As relieved as I am that it is not OUR family, my heart aches for theirs.

And just when the scab was healing, it gets torn open again.


- hfs


Gail said...

Sending prayers!

I hope you hear from BIL very soon!

Sue said...

I hope you hear from BIL soon!

My heart is just heavy with no news this morning. Praying beyond praying that this has a happy ending. =\

Katy said...

I have nothing profound to say. I wish my words meant something, but I know in this time they are not worthy. I am sorry for the loss in your small community.

Homefront Six said...

Katy - your words DO mean something. Thank you.


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