Things I don't get

I've been tagged By Lorelie at An American in Italy with another MeMe. So here are :

Five things I don't get...

1. The Supreme Court -

They seem to have lost their collective mind. Some of the decisions that have been passed down of late make me wonder if Mad Cow disease has infected their brains.

2. Paris Hilton -

She's not attractive. She's not intelligent. She has no class nor tact. So why are people so fascinated with her??

3. Stupid "reality" TV shows -

What? Like life itself isn't weird enough as it is? We have to pay people to make these kinds of shows? I'd rather just watch "The Daily Show" - it's more entertaining.

4. Low-rise pants and a pooch

I didn't put a picture up here because I hate seeing people who have no business wearing low-rise pants and bearing a belly that should NOT be seen. When you can HEAR the material stretching, that's your cue that you might want to drop a few pounds...

5. The obsession with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes -

WHO CARES????? I sure as hell don't. Good for them. Now go away.

Ok - who to tag...

I'm going to have to think about this one for a bit. I'll edit this post and add my tags when I have a chance. But right now, dinner is calling.


- hfs


Haole Girl said...

You can tag me - but I would simply agree with everything you already said. It's one of those "share a brain" moments.

Mike O said...

I'm afraid you can tag me as well. Some of us have been wearing low-riding jeans for decades; our spare tires don't allow any other kind :)) Fortunately, most of us wear long enough shirts to avoid offense. :)

As for Paris, she is attractive; for an unadulterated slut (Forgive me; I just offended sluts worldwide).


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