No - it's not a radio station...it's my abbreviation for "Work From Home Mom".

That's right - I. Have. A. Job.

Not only a job, a work-from-home-choose-your-own-hours-really-great-pay job!!! And, no, I'm not selling Mary Kay cosmetics (not that I have anything against home-based sales...I am still involved with Discovery Toys and plan to get back into the scrapbooking business eventually).

I just landed a job as a Domestic Relocation Consultant. Basically, I get to use all that I've learned in my 7+ years as a military spouse (and through our 4 moves) and help get others settled here. Right now, I am working on a project involving about 100+ contract employees who will be coming to the island to work for a component of the military for about a year.

I was hired yesterday. I've already logged about 10 hours and my first face-to-face with the VIPs from the company takes place NEXT WEEK. ACK! Trying to track down housing possibilities for 100+ people (not ALL at once but within a 2-3 month time frame) is hard enough but when you try to do that in a housing market such as the one here on Oahu, things get interesting.

To give you an idea of what it's like here, you can check out the article in the Honolulu Advertiser. The title should give you a good idea what renters here are facing : Rental Anguish.

Add to that the fact that my company's client has yet to give a solid timeframe for when the contract workers are to start arriving or how many of them will come at one time or when to expect the different groups. Um, yeah, that helps.

It's all good though. For what they are paying me to do this, they can all live here! Well, maybe not but if this were a full-time gig, I could buy a pretty big house to house them in!

So, should I seem to disappear for a week or so at a time, don't take it personally. It just means that I'm out earning my keep!!!


- hfs


LorelieLong said...

Um, how long did it take to find yourself a house?
LOL, okay, I'm just teasing you.
Congratulations! Seems like you've found the best of both worlds.

Homefront Six said...

I explained that to them but I don't think they really GET it. I'll do what I can though!

Haole Girl said...

Congratulations again on the job!

I hadn't seen the Advertiser article - it is great news for those of us planning on buying a property to use as a rental!!

Gail said...

Congratulations on the job!!!! I know you will be great at it.


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