Work, work, work

I spent the day playing tour guide. Only we did not visit the USS Arizona Memorial. Nor did we spend much time in Waikiki. Or at the beach. We spent the day driving all over Honolulu and Central Oahu. Who knew that driving could wipe you out like this? I'm more tired today than I am when I've spent the day chasing the kids around.

However, my kids don't pay me what my job is paying me. For that, I'll be tired.

My day started in a rush and ended in rush hour traffic - at 6:30 p.m. After hauling butt up to post to drop the kids off at day care (which they both LOVE...which makes me feel better), I flew back home to chuck the car seats at McGyver and take off to Honolulu. I was supposed to meet my supervisor at 9am. Things were going well until I got on the bypass and got stuck behind a lumber truck.

Going 35 miles per hour.

With a police escort.

All the way into Honolulu.

So much for being on time. And for someone as Type A as myself, that is STILL bothering me. But such is life. I picked up my supervisor, S, and we were on our way to pick up the HR rep for the company that we will be working for.

A little background...I have been hired as a Domestic Relocation Consultant for my company. I am responsible for researching housing options for the company and, once the employees are here, helping them settle in and become oriented to the island.

The "Welcome Committee" so-to-speak. Basically, they are paying me to do what I do for my family every time we move. Which, in military life, is often (4 times in the past 7 years...3 moves in 2 years). WORKS FOR ME!!! You want to pay me to do what I already do??? SURE!!! Sounds great! Can you tell I'm liking this? The nice thing is that I essentially work from home and I set my own hours. With small children, this is key. And I've made it abundantly clear that my kids and my family come first. And they are ok with that. Great!

Anyway, we spent the morning discussing the housing situation in Hawaii and why it is so tight and had an appointment to look at some apartments. I don't know that this company has a very clear idea of how tight it is. It appears that their expectations (in terms of housing...square footage, amenities, etc.) does not match their budget constraints. This may be an issue. But it's not MY issue so I really don't care. My job is to research, present what I find, and then help the employees get settled once they are here. I don't have to make decisions!

Lunch today was at Dixie Grill. They are in the middle of their Crab Fest and their food is good so I thought it would be a nice stop. Note to self : crab is not the best business lunch choice. But the plastic bibs did make for lively conversation and a wonderful photo opportunity...

Once we cleaned up from lunch, it was on to look at more apartments. Again, there was the issue of expectations and budget not meshing. Again, NOT MY PROBLEM!!! By the end of the day, we were all wiped out and our client had work to do so it was back to Honolulu to drop her off. My supervisor, S, and I headed back to her hotel for a drink and to go over what follow-up is needed.

I did something today that I don't normally do and it was exhausting. I listened. I used my ears more than my mouth. Those of you who know me know what kind of effort that took. I am exhausted and I'm not sure if it is because of all of the driving or the effort it took to keep my mouth shut. S (my sup) and the HR rep know each other so they had lots to talk about. I figured it was to my advantage to sit back and listen. There were thousands of times I could have jumped into the conversation but chose not to. I'm proud of myself. It's not often that I can shut up.

All in all, I think it was a successful tour. I am still learning my way around the island so there were a few wrong turns here and there. But we never really got lost (it's an ISLAND...where would we GO???) and we made it to most of the places we needed to. The HR rep was impressed with my preparation and the little bit I do know about the area, especially since we've only been on island for 4.5 months. And I was able to identify several housing options for other military spouses if and when they transfer here.

I think this job will be good. I already have another client in the works - a professor that is moving here from another country to teach at the University. So I'll get to add "International" to my title along with "Domestic". And, techinally, since I've been doing the military life thing for almost 7 years, I can say I've been at it that long. Makes the old resume look good!

I'm off to collapse in bed.


- hfs


Army Wife said...

I have never been to the islands....please tkae some photos!! I have had friends stationed there, they say the natives are not keen on military? Is that true?

Homefront Six said...

Some aren't keen on the military presence but overall, I've found most Native Hawaiians to be very hospitable and accomodating.

Kim said...

It always tires me out more to drive around all day than to do anything else. Take care!


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