Hugh Hewitt, Pakistan, and Tom Tancredo

Hugh Hewitt has a few things to say about Tom Tancredo's ideas on how the United States should respond to a nuclear terrorist attack.

I'm currently reading "Crude Politics" by Paul Sperry and some of what Mr. Hewitt had to say got me to thinking.

First, I agree that Congressman Tandcredo's comments serve no purpose, are irresponsible at best and incindiary at worst, and he should have never opened his mouth. However, Mr. Hewitt sees Pakistan, Egypt, and Jordan as allies in the GWOT. I do not.

Pakistan is no friend of the United States. Their "cooperation" with us in the GWOT is superficial, at best. Pakistan boasts a history of strong ties to Al-Qaeda, support of the Taliban, and hostility toward America that beats out even that of Iran. Currently, it is believed that Pakistan is providing shelter to many top AlQaeda leaders, possibly even Osama bin Laden.

Egypt and Jordan have yet to take the lead and denounce radical Islam, AlQeada, or Osama bin Laden. For them to do so would go a long way in helping steer the GWOT and help eliminate the scourge of radical Islam from the face of the Earth.

And, while Congressman Tancredo's statement was - as mentioned above - irresponsible and unnecessary, most likely it discusses a possibility that has more than likely already been used by the "propagandists for Islamist extremists". Al Qeada leadership is smart enough to know that using the threat of nuclear retaliation against Mecca is a wonderful motivator for those they wish to incite.

My way of thinking on this issue mirrors (in some ways) that of Matt over at Froggy Ruminations.

At the end of the day, Hugh is right that targeting Mecca would be of no strategic benefit, but it hardly matters what we do or say about islam because the paranoia and backwardness of most of the islamic world precludes our ?message? from getting through to them anyway. The best way to get our message ?heard? is to be victorious on the GWOT battlefield.

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P-BS-Watcher said...

Hewitt is obviously rattled by the discussion. He even offers the Dan Rather defense -- it's only bloggers, pay no attention. He seems to have forgotten that the scenario under discussion is what to do AFTER a nuclear attack on the U.S. See Desperate Situations


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