Military Family Faces Tough Prospect - clarification

Some of you have written and asked some questions so I hope this clarification clears some things up. Thank you for the suggestions to date.

These are my friend's words when asked to provide a history of her situation:

*Discharged 4 years ago from Active duty Army, entered National guard.

*Discharge was Honorable, chapter 8 (pregnancy). National Guard, Was in for almost a year, then had flight school orders (husband), moved to Rucker

* Discharged National Guard because of move- placed in the IRR. Never had any contact with St. Louis (IRR) in almost 4 years- never mentioned need to have a Family Care Plan (FCP).

*Registered at AKO to check my active duty record, St. Louis gets ahold of me- Mailgram comes two weeks later.

*Applied for an exemption- based on FCP and medical. Denied.

* Appealed. Denied based on medical. My appeal was 2 pages long - only 2
lines mentioned medical- all else was talking about lack of FCP. Appeal
declined, no mention of FCP, just medical. Given an extension of 6 months
to heal.

*CW5 ********** in charge of me now, am to report in November (27th), Ft.

*JAG wrote a letter on our behalf stating regs for FCP which didn't help and St.
Louis won't talk to lawyers unless I am deemed incompetent by a phsycologist.
JAG is baffled, doesn't understand.

* Hubby now dealing with his command on lack of FCP, they are trying to get in
contact with CW5 ************, no word yet.

*All family members wrote letters to appeal board and exemption board stating
their inadequacies, as was requirement in regulation, didn't make a difference.

So that is where things stand as of now. The Army is looking to discharge a pilot (whom they invested millions of our tax dollars in) in order to reactivate his wife who is an enlisted computer specialist.

Dave, they were in the MACP when they first enlisted but they didn't have kids at the time so it wasn't an issue. Thanks for the info though!

I hope this clears some things up. Any thoughts/advice/contacts that might help are much appreciated. She's in the process of writing letters to her Congressmen as I type.


- hfs

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Al's Girl said...

Holy Crap!! That is INSANE. Thank you for making us aware of the challenge that this family is facing!!


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