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I read a LOT of blogs. Not as many as some do but for me, a lot. And there are always ones that strike a chord with me - most are military-based but some are not. So I've decided to start highlighting some of the better ones I read in a new feature - SPOTLIGHT BLOG OF THE WEEK (see link at left).

This week, it is Holly at
  • Politics of a Patriot - A Young Girl's Journey From Civilian To Sailor

  • I found her a few weeks ago when it was announced that she would discontinue her blog (JUST my luck). Thankfully she has changed her mind and, with a few adjustments, decided to continue to blog.

    She is 17 years old and has enlisted in the Navy. She will be shipping off in October. I have taught high school and I must say, she is one of the most articulate and well-informed 17 year olds I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.

    Go check her out (if you haven't already...sometimes I'm behind the curve and it's entirely possible that all of YOU already know who she is).


    - hfs

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