What's on YOUR nightstand?

Andi of Andi's World has tagged me with another MEME. She asks, "What's on your nightstand?" Good thing she didn't ask, "What's IN your nightstand?" because that could have become interesting.

Given the fact that I have 2 small children, there isn't much ON my nightstand (Little Man likes to swipe things off of it so I keep it pretty clear). Currently there is :

A LAMP - my mom bought several cheap lamps from IKEA when they were selling my house (notice I said "MY"...still haven't quite gotten over that one) back in '91. After the house sold, I hung on to the lamps. I think they cost all of $10 each and (14 years later) work great! The lampshade that is on it right now doesn't match anything else in the room other than the blue walls though. Need to look into getting something that coordinates a little better with the decor...

AN ALARM CLOCK - which seems a little unnecessary seeing as how my children like to be up before the sun and therefore I (having no job which necessitates me leaving the house on a schedule) have no need for it. It's one of those clocks that sets itself (based on radio signals I think) but it can't pick up those signals over here in Hawaii. Ah, well.

BOOKS - currently, I have "What to Expect - The Toddler Years", "Reflections From a Mother's Heart", and "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter" stacked there.

MAGAZINES - which are stacked under the books (there really isn't that much room on my nightstand...). Only 2 right now : "Woman's Day" (great recipes) and "Creating Keepsakes" (scrapbooking)

That's about it. Like I said, there isn't much room on my nightstand - maybe 24 inches by 24 inches. It's not like I have much time to lounge around in bed these days...

As for who to tag :
a Patriot because I'm curious to know what a 17 year old, obsessed with politics, has on her nightstand

my Haole friend because anything she writes makes me laugh

my DIY friend partly because I want to know where she finds the skill to complete some of the projects she has completed and partly because I want to make my Haole friend work harder for her tags...

The Mother of Presidents because she doesn't have enough to do with 3 children under the age of 6 in the house

Glenn (or his wife...whoever answers first!) because I'm curious to know whether they even HAVE nightstands in Afghanistan...


- hfs

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