All good things must come to an end

Our time here in SoCal is coming to an end. What a wonderful trip this has been - UncleK is home for R&R from Afghanistan, the wedding was wonderful, McGyver and I were able to spend a few nights ALONE up at Big Bear as a belated anniversary getaway, I've had In & Out three times already (with a 4th and final trip coming this afternoon).

Life is good.

However, as wonderful as it is to come and visit, SoCal is not really anywhere on the "short list" when it comes to places we want to live after Army life. However, we DID come to the conclusion that Big Bear is.

Dh and I are "mountain people". While life in Hawaii is nice and we are thoroughly enjoying our time there, it is not somewhere we long to live permanently. We both miss crisp, cool mountain air. We both miss the smell of pine and sage and other mountain scrub.

As much as I was looking forward to coming back to my kids, I was sad to leave Big Bear. The moment we drove up the hill, I felt at home. It's funny too...growing up, my family didn't spend much time in the mountains. We didn't camp (my mother doesn't go places that don't have indoor plumbing and running water) much, we didn't hike. So I don't know where this love of all things "mountain" came from (other than the 5 years that we spent in Colorado at college). But I'll take it.

Ok - time to get up and moving. Donuts are calling my name and I need to eat them now so that I will have room for In & Out later. Priorities...


- hfs

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